Smart Auto workshop Solution


Introducing the ESW Smart Solution for Auto workshops. Our cloud based solutions enables you to Diagnose different problems and run a cloud based diagnostics in real time and provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report. You can use this report to prioritize and fix the issues.

Our Solution has been desgined after research and testing. You are the beneficary of this intense research effort from ESW Robotics.

ESW Robotics has devices for

(1) Battery Diagnostics

(2) Brake Check

(3) Oil Maintenance

(4) Automated painting

These devices are plugged in to a car and our cloud based software will diagnose the issue in real time and provide you with accurate results.

Based on these results the auto repair shop can prioritize the issues and fix them in a timely and cost efficient manner.

So whether you are

  1. Car dealer
  2. Auto repair shop
  3. Car Manufacturer
  4. Car Owner
  5. Devices Company
  6. Car Insurance or Warranty company


This solution helps all these entities to

(a) Identify the correct problem

(b) Provide the correct solution

(c) Prioritize the critical tasks

(d) Save on wasteful expenditure

(e) Save efforts & precious time for all parties

(f) Increase Productivity

ESW Robotics solution is a win-win for all parties .